Domus Brickell Park Sets Groundbreaking Date in March

Domus Brickell Park, a highly anticipated development in Miami, has achieved significant milestones as it prepares for groundbreaking in March. The project has successfully converted sales reservations into contracts, ensuring a solid foundation for its progress.

In a recent development, the developer of Domus Brickell Park has signed a water and sewer agreement with Miami-Dade. This agreement solidifies the connection of the planned 12-story building to the utilities system, ensuring a seamless integration with essential services.

The demand for Domus Brickell Park has been remarkable, with over 50% of the project’s 171 units already sold, including the sole commercial space. The developer proudly announced that sales have exceeded $55 million, reflecting the strong market interest and confidence in the project.

Prospective buyers can look forward to a hassle-free experience as units at Domus Brickell Park will be delivered fully finished and furnished. Furthermore, owners will have the opportunity to generate income through a hotel-type short-term rental program managed by Domus, adding flexibility and potential financial benefits.

The delivery of units is scheduled for winter 2025, offering future residents the chance to settle into their new homes in the heart of Miami. The architectural design for Domus Brickell Park has been entrusted to Zyscovich, renowned for their expertise and innovative approach.

The driving force behind the development is North Development, a joint-venture between Oak Capital, led by Ricardo Dunin, and Edifica, a prominent developer from Peru. Their collaboration and commitment to excellence have propelled Domus Brickell Park to its current success.

As the groundbreaking date approaches, the achievements of Domus Brickell Park are a testament to the vision and dedication of the development team. With utilities secured and contracts in place, the project is poised to become a landmark in Miami’s thriving real estate landscape.

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